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5 Summer Binge Worthy Shows

Summer is my absolute favorite time. For one, as a teacher it is my time to rest and relax. I have a lot planned this summer and one thing on my list includes catching up on the new seasons of the following shows!

1. Big Little Lies (new season premieres June 9, 2019)

Ok this show is easily one of my favorites! I binged it last summer and have sense been trying to get Rich to do the same. The cast is phenomenal(my favorite is hands down Madelline Mckenzie played by Reese Witherspoon) and the soundtrack is impeccable (RIP Charles Bradley). The new season starts in June and we quickly are thrown back into the drama filled lives of the Monterrey 5. Last season left us with a murder (Celeste's abusive husband was killed at the school fundraiser) and a new friendship among the ladies. This season we get a new cast member as we see how the aftermath of Perry's death plays out. The legendary Meryle Streep has been casted to play Celeste's (Nicole Kidman) mourning yet questioning mother-in-law. This season is going to go super fast with only 7 episodes. However, I cannot wait to see how messy things get and how the ladies work through their participation in Perry's death! Check out the trailer HERE!

2. Teen Mom OG (new season premieres June 10, 2019)

Now this is my guilty pleasure. I have been watching Teen Mom for years and have seen the ladies all grow up. I am still missing my girl Farrah, however I cant wait to see Amber and Caitlynn navigate through their new opportunities to be mothers. Also, I am happy that Bristol Pailin is no longer part of the show (snore me). I do think they need to replace her with someone who has personality, but I could really do without Cheyenne. She just does not fit with the other girls and is super annoying. The trailer released this week shows clips from the last 10 years but also gives a glimpse at new and current drama. I cant wait to see how Maci is able to mange with everything going on with her ex/baby daddy Ryan Edwards. Last time I saw he got married, had a baby and went back to rehab for heroine, all in the same season.

3. She's Go to Have It (new season premieres May 24, 2019)

I love this show because Nola Darling, played by DeWanda Wise, is so cute andddd the story line reminds me of my daily group chats with my girlfriends. Last season Nola Darling fought to keep her sexual freedom. They did such a great job at keeping the characters true to the original She's Got to Have it, which is actually rare that a movie turned TV show "gets it". The trailer teases that this season Nola Darling will be like every creative millennial, struggling to find herself in a corporate world while also staying true to her artistic side. I look forward to watching Nola do more self discovery this season! Also, I am hoping she has more yummy eye candy this season.

4. Black Mirror (new season premieres June 5, 2019)

After I have caught up on all my drama shows, I like to scare myself with a little Black Mirror action. This will be an easy binge since its only 3 episodes long! The trailer teases that this seasons episodes will be tackling technology's impact on marriage, self-esteem, fame, social media and mental health ( I LOVE THIS). Oh and bonus points go for incorporating Miley Cyrus in this season. I am not a Miley fan but hopefully, her acting has improved since Hannah Montana days!

5. A Handmaids Tale (new season premieres June 5, 2019)

Now this is a show Rich and I both cannot get enough of. This is the one show that will truly be a marriage offense if one of us watches without the other. The last few seasons have been such great TV. I am super excited to see the new alliance found between June (played by Elizabeth Moss) and Serena (played by Yvonne Strahovski). I predict this season is going to be all about women's empowerment and fighting against a system that is aimed at controlling women. The only thing about A Handmaids Tale is that it is becoming eerily prevalent in our society today. Check out the trailer HERE!

Happy Netflixing & Chilling! What are yalls favorite couch snacks?

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