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10 things About Me

Welcome to my blog! I am happy you are joining me on this blogging journey. Since were going to become besties, I figured I should let you know a few things about me. I know some of you have known me for a while and already know who I am and what I’m about, yet I’ve seen some new faces around my instagram (welcome!) and I officially started my blog so I thought I would do a little post of 10 things about me so you can get to know me better (if you want!)


1. I am a Ghanaian American. My father is from Kumasi, Ghana and my mother is a black American from the south side of Houston, TX. Therefore, you can catch me chowing down on fufu and goat light soup or sucking the heads of crawfish. I like to mix both cultures in everything I do including food, fashion and decorations.

2. I met my husband during undergrad at Howard University. I definitely didn't go to college to get my MRS. butttt I saw him freshmen year in psychology class and silently said to myself "there goes my bf" ( very strange and creepy, I know). Our first date was Obama's FIRST inauguration. We moved in together in 2013 and got married in September 2018.

3.I am a semester away of finishing my masters in clinical mental health counseling. The goal is to eventually be a license professional counselor. I think it is so important to teach people how to care for their mental health and raise awareness.

4.I am a music lover! For 2 years my husband and I were in a long distance relationship. During this time we would meet up for music festivals across the country with one of our favorites being Coachella. To this day we still hit up festivals and local shows. Fun Fact: We got to attend The Flying Dutchman Music festival in Curacao for our honeymoon. It was awesome!

5.I have two sisters. People say we are triplets. As the oldest, I am always trying to play mommy #2, but I am learning to let them fly and be their own person.

6. I have a fur baby name Buster, who I rescued at 6 weeks old. He is a Burmese Mountain / Border collie mix. Super smart. He loves going to the beach ( even if its only dirty Galveston), belly rubs and stealing freshly made tortillas from the table counter. We love this bad dog.

7. I am a water baby. Anytime were planning a vacation, I always want to go somewhere near water. I can spend hours lounging in the ocean. For my bachlorette party we went to Jamaica and did some cliff diving. It was amazing.

8. After I graduated from Howard, I started at least two companies. One was a fundraising party company, Party JustCause. We threw fundraising concerts and parties for local charities. I met so many people through Party JustCause. The second was a organic cotton candy company, Bayou City Puff. I created unique flavors like Mango Chili and was booked to work at local events, birthday parties and showcases. I would consider them both somewhat successful and they taught me a lot about myself.

9. In high school, my dream job was to work for Cosmo. Although I majored in communications in undergrad, my dream altered and I somehow found myself an English teacher. While I do love the kids, I think starting this blog is helping me relive that dream. Blogging is one of my favorite parts of the new social media world we live in.

10. I've ran 2 5K's. I actually hate running, but was convinced to participate in this activity twice ( not sure how they convinced me, I know one was with beer). I may not like running, but I enjoy working out in group activities (I think its from my high school years of being a dancer). Currently, I participate in weekly sessions for Camp Gladiator.

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