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Guide to Houston's Rooftop Cinema Club

The Rooftop Cinema has been open for at least a year, but I finally got a chance to go this past Sunday and I loved every moment of it! With only 5 locations in the entire WORLD, the Rooftop Cinema Club is definitely a treat for the city of Houston.

Post Oak Blvd

It located in uptown right above Whole Foods & North Italia. Parking is a breeze as you can park in the garage for free on the 4th and 5th flood. The theater is located on the fifth floor so its no big deal if you end up parking on the 4th as there are easily accessible elevators. I loved the location because it made for a great sunset.

It's So Cute

This place is a instagramers heaven. The vibe is very retro, SoCal vibes with vibrant neon colors throughout the theater, flower walls and even a truck filled with plants. They also have some lawn favorites such as bags and giant jenga. Needless to say, the entire venue is picture-esque. Make sure you get there before the sunsets to really take in the awesome backdrop.

Check out Cult Classics

What I love about this place is that they show all of your favorites you may have forgotten about. When Rich and I went, we saw Jason's Lyric. I love this movie especially since it was shot in Houston. It was awesome to share this movie with Rich as he had never seen it. I plan on going back in June for Black Cinema month. I hope to snag a seat for Black Dynamite or Baby Boy.

You wear Headphones

I was unsure about this aspect of the experience, however it was not bad at all. The headphones were clean and you can adjust the volume to your liking. Also, it was cool because with the headphones on you could not get interrupted by other theatre goers talking throughout the movie. However, if you are on a date and wanted to chat a little through the movie the headphones can be a hassle but there is a 15 minute intermission that allows you to chat, do a bathroom break and grab some snacks.

You can get a hot dog and tequila

One of my favorite aspects of Rooftop Cinema Club? Full. Bar. The cocktails are all named after movies and at $12 a cup allow for a little buzz to be felt. You can grab a boogie hot dog from GoodDog. They have brought over their normal menu but also added a few special items. Lastly, there are options for unlimited popcorn with your seat. Rich and I had the unlimited popcorn which was awesome because he loves popcorn. I noticed that prices for popcorn and candy weren't too steep. I saw a package that included popcorn and candy for $7.

I got the chili dog from Good Dog with a side of lime watermelon with chili seasoning, my favorite summer snack.

Book In Advance

This is the one bummer of the venue, but should be expected. Tickets sell out fast. In fact, Jason's Lyric was a sold out show. You will need to buy your tickets in advance. Click HERE for their new schedule and to purchase tickets.

Your Seats

They have two types of seating; lounge chairs and love seats. The lounge chairs are blue and are basic beach chairs. They do not offer any sort of cushion or pillow. Rich and I sat in the black love seats. They did include two blankets, which we didn't use as it is May in HOUSTON. The seats were fairly low to the ground which was not ideal but since the screen is pretty high up there were no problems with someones head getting in your viewing area. When buying your ticket you pick which type of seats you want, I would suggest going with the loveseats.

Overall I had a great time. Special shout out to our friends the Millers for thinking of us with tickets. We really enjoyed the entire experience and plan to hit one of the Black Cinema nights in June. Let me know if you're interested and we can meet up!

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