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NetFlix & Stay Cool : Heat Wave Edition

Ok lets be honest, August is an EXTREMELY HOT month, especially here in Houston. With weekend temperatures hitting the triple digits this weekend, I def will be taking shelter inside the realms of my cool A/C powered apartment. Whether you are into a suspenseful true crime or something that will keep you laughing, I got you covered.

Grab a cold drink and get your Netflix and Staying Cool On. Check out my recommendations:


Glow: Season 3

This is honestly one of my favorite Netflix Originals. With 10 episodes in Season 3, this series is an easy binge during the heat wave of 2019. The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling are back and have moved venues. They are now performing in Sin City. Their show is growing and becoming super successful, however as we all know, Vegas is a tough crowd. Thus, I am excited to see what life on the strip brings this cast. Check out the trailer here.


Mind Hunter: Season 2

Ok, confession: in my past time I often find myself becoming a private investigator for notorious or local murders/crimes. I have always been this way, I think it started with my obsession as a kid with the Jon Benet case. Thus, Mind Hunters is def a must see for all my true crime lovers. This season focuses on the heinous murders of 28 black children from Atlanta in the 1970's done by the hand of one man. This case is wrapped with potential racial motives and social economic biases, but nothing is ever what it seems. I am excited to learn about this case, but also creeped out. Check out the trailer HERE. Note to self: Watch with lights on.

Side note: Season 2 won't be out until August 16, but I am going to be watching Season 1 to gear up for season 2.


Now and Then

This is one of my favorited movies. Growing up my sisters (big shout out Mahogany and Malachi) watched this movie countless times. It highlights four teenage girls as they navigate through childhood into puberty. I love watching a young Christina Ricci and Gabby Hoffman. Plus, the movie gives me all the feels about growing up in an all girl household. I may have to force Rich to watch this one with me. But with football back, I'll probably be left to watch this on my own, and I am ok with that. If you need to take a stroll down memory lane check out the trailer HERE.


Schitt’s Creek

This comedy series follows Johnny and Moria, a newly-broke high society couple, as they are forced to relocate their glamorous livesto Schitt’s Creek — a country town they bought years earlier as a prank. The family clashes with their new roles in society. Schist's Creek has a few seasons out, so this is def a good show to watch for hours at a time.

Happy Netflixing!

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