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...We are having a baby!

Yes, you read that right... Rich and I are expecting our first child #BabyLondon.

It is a really exciting time in our lives. I know most of you know, I often joked that I was going to get pregnant right away, but I honestly was not expecting it to happen within our first year of marriage. I mean, I always said I wanted to lose about 20 lbs, graduate from grad school and buy a house prior to getting pregnant. But, once again, I learned that life is not on my schedule.

I knew something was a little different with me, I mean I cried while watching an episode of Teen Mom. My boobs were getting heavier and way more sore than usual, but when I reached for that pregnancy test and got two faint lines, I knew what it was...I was pregnant. Since I had not missed my period, I was still too early to really know. So naturally, I went and bought a total of 13 different test and took them over a 1.5 week span. I am pretty much the expert of pregnancy tests now. Each time I took the test, the line got darker.

I could not wait to tell Rich. I think I might have even texted him that I think "its happening". Of course, he was unsure what "its happening" was. So, when he came home I was ready to sit down and tell him, then we got some heartbreaking news...our friend, Rob, had passed. At only 30 years old, Rob was no longer on this earth with us. Suddenly, my great news were overshadowed by a horrid unthinkable life event. We cried for the passing of our friend, whom we saw only days prior. Then, after hugging each other and calling close friends to check on them as they received the news, I let Rich know he would be a daddy.

Of course, Rich was ecstatic, as was I. But, I also felt so guilty for being excited and happy about being pregnant after a friend of ours had died. I struggled with celebrating. I think Rich and I went through polar emotions of feeling sad and shocked one minute to being overjoyed the next minute. However, after a few days of contemplating the events that happened, I decided that it would be ok to mourn the loss of our friend, while also celebrating this new life we were about to embark on.

Through all of this I have learned that God is in control and His time is perfect. Trusting God requires not knowing how God is going to accomplish what needs to be done and when He will do it. However, when He does make a change in your life, to fully embrace it and celebrate it. It is important to celebrate milestones throughout our life. If not, we will allow grief, anxiety, stress to come and steal our joy. So during the next 5 months of pregnancy, Rich and I will be celebrating becoming parents. We will celebrate this precious baby that God has given us. We will not let anxiety, what ifs or anything stop our party. We cannot wait to become this munchins parents!

I hope you all will join with us and celebrate our new bundle of joy that is coming FEB. 2020!

P.S. I think I will start blogging some "Mommy-2b" content. Super excited about it all!

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