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Top 5 Houston Chicken Shacks

With all the fuss about who has the better chicken sandwich, I figured I would share my top 5 Houston Chicken Spots to hit up. Plus, during this pregnancy chicken has been my go-to meal. Needless to say, I hope this list finds use to you especially since Popeye's won't have their notorious chicken sandwich back in stores until sometime in October. :)

Please note this list has been done in no complete order as well as includes places where CHICKEN is the primary item.


Ebby Lolo's Top 5 Houston Chicken Shacks:

3425 Ella Blvd

I once was a Pluckers girl, but ever since finding Dream Wings, I cannot get myself to go back. This is my new favorite fried wing spot in Houston. First of all, this is the only place that I know of that has a Buffalo Lemon Pepper Garlic Parmesan sauce.This is literally my favorite sauce. Best part about this place? They are open late on weekends( closes at 3am) and its BYOB!

My order: 10 Bone-In wings, Naked with Buffalo Lemon Pepper Garlic Parmesan sauce and Buffalo with a side of cajun fries, a roll and a jalapeño pepper. I wash it down with a big glass of their Dream Punch (flashback to the Kolaid your mama use to make before she got concerned about your health).

PRO Tip: Bring a bottle of vodka to mix with your Dream Punch for some late night fun.

4621 Almeda Road

Whenever I am in the 3rd Ward aka Museum District, my go to chicken spot is definitely #1 Chicken and Rice. Honestly, this might be my favorite fried chicken spot in HOUSTON. Move over Frenchy's and Timmy Chans, you cannot go wrong with this spot. The chicken always is fried to order and has that crispiness that so many places are missing. It's a super simple spot, go in order your food and get out. Rich and I love to stop by here, grab our food and head to Hermann Park for a little picnic.

My order: 3 piece spicy wings, fried rice and don't forget the roll, jalapeño pepper and a can of grape soda.

Pro-Tip: Leave the debit card at home, as this place is cash only.

2829 Chimney Rock Rd

Ok so this space is new to Houston, but has quickly jumped onto my list. In the mist of Popeyes and Chic-Fil-a arguing over their sandwiches, a new contender snuck in [insert Mico's]. Known for its Tennessee hot chicken, Mico's menu is simple: sandwich, halal tender or animal fries (waffle fries topped with cheese, sauce, chicken and chives). I found this place one Sunday afternoon and quickly made my way down to the food truck to give it a try. Their sandwich not only has thick pickles that give it a good snap, its also topped with cole-slaw and their secret "Mico's sauce" that helps to balance the heat.

My order: One Hot Sandwich and Animal fries to share with rich of course.

Pro tip: When they say HOT Chicken, they really do mean Hot Chicken. Mico's offers a range of sauce flavors with extra hot topping the spice level. I got the Hot chicken, and it was very spicy, like I took breaks and had flashbacks of eating spicy crawfish while enjoying my meal. Next time, I might go for Medium but I also enjoy the challenge.

Special Note: Picture could have been better, but I was starving!

6210 N. Wayside

One morning while driving, I heard Tom Joyner's morning show shout out a Chicken Plus and deem them the "best in the city", so naturally I had to try them out. Now, this spot is a little far for me as I am a west side, south side girl; however, its worth the trek to the north side to try this gem out. Chicken Plus is that traditional southern fried chicken restaurant. Each bite is crunchy and full of flavor. Also, they offer way more sides than most places including fried okra, macaroni, french fries and dessert.

My order: 3 wings, fried okra, dinner roll and jalapeño pepper with a lemonade mix.

Pro Tip: Be patient, they take a while.

Special Note: I was too hungry to take a picture of my food. However, it was delicious.

6633 Fonderen

Last but definitely not least on my list is Halal Jones Fried Chicken. This is my staple for a real tasty halal chicken over rice meal. It's definitely stands on its own against more famous places such as The Halal guys and has more flavor/authencity. If Chicken and rice isn't your thing, this is also one of my favorite places for wings.

My order: chicken and rice, with extra hot sauce and white sauce and if I am feeling extra hungry I'll add a order of wings.

Pro-Tip: Don't get overzealous with the hot sauce if you're not a fan of spicy.


I hope you stop in and try one of my top 5 spots out! I promise you, its worth trying! What's some of your favorite chicken shacks to grab some of that good ole fried bird?

Leave your recommendations in the comment section.

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