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Baby London's Babychella

Over the weekend two of my favorites organized Baby London a baby shower and the theme couldn't have been cuter: Babychella! The day was made perfect with my sisters and mom, a couple of my girlfriends from high school, college and life in general mingling over cocktails and my favorite light bites: Velvet Taco's Buffalo Chicken taco & Chicken Tika Taco.

My favorite part were the activities, there were multiple photo booth backdrops and guests also got to design Baby London a onesie! There was also the cutest boho vibe cake, that I may or may not killed the left overs in one night.

To close it out, they pulled out one one of my favorite things: Confetti showers! If you have ever gone to a music festival or concert with me, you know my absolute favorite aspect is the confetti. I mean, a celebration isn't a celebration without confetti right!?

I left the shower feeling loved, supported, excited and in need of a good nap. Thank you ladies for showering my new little family with so much love and support. It was a small group of friends that have been with me through various aspects of my life. I feel blessed to have this tribe!

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