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Top 5 Holiday Bucket List: Houston edition

Whether it's your first holiday season in Houston or you've spent decades enjoying the tropical temperatures and uniquely Texan traditions—each Christmas brings something unique to Christmas time in the H. My faves? Enjoying countless light displays, Rockets games, K and photos with Santa. Don't plan your next outing without checking out my Houston holiday bucket list!


1. Karaoke Holiday Classics

This holiday season move over caroling down the streets, instead grab the coworkers, boyfriend or girlfriends and head down to Glitter for a good night of karaoking. I'm not a singer myself, but I enjoy making questionable live music. Make it even more fun by adding creating a theme night such as Ugly Sweater night with a group of friends in the mix. Drinks are not only reasonable but also strong. And if you catch it on a good night you may get to dine on a pop up meal from a local chef.


2. Host a Holiday Game Night

Although we technically might not see a cold snowy night, that shouldn't stop you from staying in and hanging with friends. I for one, especially this year, am all in for a game night. Make it extra cute and have a s'more bar where friends can roast all their favorites. Pull out the old school board games and mix in drinking rules with them for an adult flair. My favorite game night game is Left, Right, Center, sold at local CVS and Walgreen stores (makes sure you tell your guest to bring a few extra $1's.


3. Go to a Rockets Game

Whats more festive than attending an NBA game? Right! Ok this one is not necessarily a "holiday theme" but the NBA is a part of many people''s holidays and each year Rich and I attend a Rockets game, its become a tradition. Rockets are on FIRE and tickets are not bad either. Check out their schedule HERE.


4. Party while checking out Lights in the Heights

I would be lying if I said I hadn't considered moving to the Heights solely for their annual Lights in the Heights event. I absolutely love this part of living in Houston. Grab some friends, the kids, wine in a can and stroll the Heights neighborhood while enjoying the sights of Christmas lights, jazz bands and Christmas carolers playing on the front porches, driveways and yards of homes. If you're lucky, you know someone hosting a house party and can drop by while sight seeing. If not, don't worry many local heights bars and restaurants host their own for of a house party.


5. Make a festive drink

So this year my festive drinks will be in the form of a mocktail, but delicious nonetheless. If you are looking to go out and get a fun cocktail try out my favorite little hole in a wall tiki bar, Lei Low . However, if you want to try out a fun cocktail try this delicious Cranberry Clementine Rosemary cocktail.


However you choose to spend this holiday season makes sure its with the people you love and care about! Happy Holidays!

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