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March Favorite Beauty Finds

This month’s beauty finds focus on achieving a healthy, natural spring glow. With a mixture of new mom and quarantine life, I haven't felt the need to put on much make up and instead have been focusing on achieving skin that is hydrated and protected.

In my younger years I did not understand that my rich melanin need to be protected from the sun. I spent years not using sunblock and purchasing products that were super harsh on my skin. Now I regularly apply sunblock, whether it’s sunny or cloudy outside. I have always suffered from dry, flakey skin so I have really been on a search for products that leave my skin feeling hydrated. Below are more of my skin go-tos from this month to help you look and feel your best, whether you're quarantined or not.

Namaste Kitten Clarifying Cannabis Sativa Hemp Seed Oil Cleanser

This cleanser was gifted to me and its quickly become one of my favorite cleansers and fits easily in my night routine. Again, my skin can be extremely dry so I am always tasked with finding a cleanser that doesn't dry out my skin even more. This cleanser is pretty thick like taffy, which I find pretty fun and it goes on smoothly. I use this mostly in the shower and its thickness makes it great at lathering on. I love the light fruity scent of it, its different than my usual cleansers and it doesn't strip my skin but leaves it feeling silky. SHOP NOW

Kiehl's Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Herbal Concentrate

I usually don't get overly sold in department stores on products, but I did during a trip to Kiehl's and I couldn't be happier with this sale. This has easily become one of my go-to face oils. After a good wash, my skin is screaming for additional moisture, thus I have incorporated this oil and seen amazing results. First, I love how light weight and airy it is on my skin and it helps to keep blemishes and breakouts at bay. I have placed this in my nightly routine as it also works to help with uneven tone and keeps the skin hydrated. With a few drops each night, I have been able to cut down on my number of breakouts this month. SHOP NOW

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Night Cream

This is the last thing in my nightly routine. I picked this up during a Target run and its been one of my favorite finds of this season. Not only do I love the smell of cocoa butter, but it is intensely moisturizing without feeling greasy. It is extremely affordable and I can see a difference in minutes. To be fair, I am a huge fan when it comes to PALMERS! Probably because it’s drowned with Vitamin E. This cream will help blend any blemishes and tones the skin. SHOP NOW

Sea & C Love Vitamin Serum

I honestly didn't understand the importance of Vitamin C serum, but after talking to my mother in law I learned how great they can be for dark spots and keeping the skin hydrating. Then, while cleaning out my beauty cabinet what do I find, this lovely vitamin C serum I bought months ago. I have worked this into my morning routine and my skin has been thanking me. Not only does it smell like summer, it also leaves my skin looking super dewy and hydrated. SHOP NOW

Olay Total Effects Whip

This one is another one of my Target finds. I was in search of a day time moisturizer to add to my morning routine. The number one thing I love about this moisturizer over even the high end ones, is that it actually absorbs into the skin and fairly quickly. It doesn't sit on top of your skin for forever before it finally truly sinks in making it difficult for makeup application. This sinks right in and makes the skin so incredibly soft! SHOP NOW

Anyways, hope you all enjoy! Stay safe and along with washing your hands, wash your face!


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