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Joy Moments From The Past Few Weeks

This summer is definitely very anticlimactic and strange. I am so use to spending time traveling to see friends and family, drinking on rooftops and lounging at the beach. These last few months spent inside have simultaneously felt like a lifetime away and yet at the same time, extremely fast paced. Being a new mom and a former busy body, I often struggle with our "new normal", but focusing on the small comforts in and around home make me most excited.

Here are just a few of the moments in the past few weeks that have made me happy. Enjoy!

One of our nightly routines is taking a family walk around our neighborhood. Its a good way to break up time spent watching Netflix and get oxygen.

Quarantine life = watching episodes of Pioneer Woman and recreating recipes. I made this ice cream cake for a friends birthday and it was a HIT!

Painkiller from my favorite Houston Tiki Bar, Lei-Low. Courtesy of our friends Tina and Jen.

I am determined to make baby boy a water baby.

Trying something new; meatless Mondays. We found this delicious Vegan Mexican restaurant in our new hood. Check them Out. We had the chorizo (soy) nachos.

A new hobby for mom.

Another new hobby: cooking. This shrimp taco was FIRE, best part was the tequila infused slaw I topped each taco with.

I can't get enough of waking up to this.

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