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Ebby Lolo Guide: Tulum

So for Richie‘s 30th birthday, his sister and I thought it would be fun to take him on a trip. I wanted the trip to be somewhat "local" yet adventerous. Dun dun dunn cues in Tulum , Mexico. In this post I will guide you in gaining an authentic Tulum experience that is off the beaten path.

Tulum is highly popular among celebs like Emily Ratalski and Ashley Graham, however it’s also a backpackers destination!



There are not big name hotel chains here, which is one thing I loved about Tulum. Do not be afraid to try out a hostel or a boutique hotel. Many people rent Air B&B's as well.

Biwa Tulum

I struggled with deciding if we should stay on the beach or in Tulum Town. The beach area of Tulum is something I had never seen, literally a Jungle town. I knew Rich would love being able to bike to dinner and drinks, plus the hotels on the beach we’re a pretty penny. Thus, I choose a cute boutique hotel, Biwa Tulum.

For $105 a night we got a junior suite with a common area and two rooms. The hotel is super clean and staff was amazing. We were able to rent bikes to use in town for FREE and breakfast was included. The best part was this hotel is right off the Main Street downtown Tulum so we walked to dinner and drinks then home without paying for a taxi!



Its impossible to starve in Tulum. There is legit food everywhere! One of our favorite spots is Anotoijtos la Chiapaneca. They have the best tacos! Get the pastor gringos! It’s basically flour tacos with melted cheese and fresh bomb pork! We ate here twice lol. Also it’s very cheap. Each taco is about $1.00. You can ball out of control, seriously!

Tulum is also known for its more upscale or ritzy eateries. One night for dinner we decided to get dinner at Encanto Cantina . We started dinner with two appetizers, tuna ceviche ( the tuna was so fresh, I can still taste it) and fish chicharron ( I thought this was so unique, as I have only had chicharron with pig skin, it was fried to perfection). For our main entrees my sister in law, Yvonne, got the fish of the day which was a white fish wrapped in banana leaf served over a sauce and plantain puree. Her dish wasn't my favorite but it was unique. Rich got the grilled octopus, which was equally tasty and beautiful. I was pretty full by the time entrees came out so I just ate a little bit of everyone's.

Notable mentions:

  1. Taqueria Honario- try all 3 pork tacos! They are seriously mouth watering. For drinks get the fresh squeezed watermelon. You cannot go wrong!

  2. Campanella Cremerie- Craving Ice cream? This place has super unique flavors and it all is made fresh in store with natural ingredients. Try the Banana ice cream and the basil pineapple gelato. Both taste exactly like their names.

  3. Burrito Amor- great burritos, fresh horchata.



Legit my favorite! I have never had a better mojito! They used all natural ingredients including fresh fruit and sugar cane! Like they legit press the sugar cane to get the sugar out to use in their drinks! Here you can find expertly mixed mojitos from classic (lime, mint, rum, sugarcane) to local fruits like prickly bear (tuna in spanish) to innovative combinations like cucumber basil. Drinks will cost you around $5 USD and the bar has nightly live music.

Twice during our trip we partied down in the beach district. Prior to getting to Tulum, many people told me to put Gitano on my list for a night out, super happy I did. This is the spot to be on a Friday or Saturday night out in Tulum. Although the drinks are a bit more on the pricey end for Tulum, the cocktails, deco, vibes and music make this place all worth it. Make sure you try the Wild Child cocktail, it was delicious. The atmosphere reminds me of a jungle, house-dj party. This is a great spot to people watch.

Honorable Mentions:

  1. Diablito Cha cha cha- Funky jungle party vibes. The dj is always rocking. A good spot to stop in after Gitano for drinks and light bites.


Things to do:

  1. rent a bike and ride down the beach side. There is so much to see and eat. Great for sight seeing.

  2. grab your snorkeling gear and spend a day at Dos Ojos Centoes. With over 6 different cenotes to choose from, you are bound to find one that fits your desire.

  3. Pack a beach bag and head to Caleta Tankah. This beach/cenote park gives you access to a cleaner less seaweed beach, a beach cenote and a cenote. We spent an entire day here.

  4. Grab a pack of beers, sunblock and a speaker and head to Kaan Luun Lagoon. It is a breath taking experience.

  5. Check out the Mayan Ruins.

  6. Enjoy the people and their city. The city of Tulum is magical. So the locals take care of each other and the crazy amount of street dogs. Spend sometime people watching and youll understand why Tulum is one of Mexico's best kept secrets!


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