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How to Survive the Day When Your Dead Tired

Now that I have announced that we are having baby#2 people often ask me how this pregnancy compares to the last one. Well, the biggest part about being pregnant and having a toddler is that ya girl be tired. Its also haunting to know that when I finally have gotten RJ on a great sleep schedule, I am going to be starting all the way over with a newborn. And if you don't know, that newborn/ baby life isn't for the faint heart.

Currently, my sleep quality most days is a C. It could def be better but I have a few tips that help me get through my day without feeling like I am being tortured.

Drink as much water as possible.

I keep a jug of water with me. For one, I am pregnant and have to constantly hydrate. Secondly, water helps to get your metabolism going and energy levels up and if you’re hydrated, you’ll feel slightly better. If you're bored with water, add a slice of lemon, lime or cucumber to take things up a notch.

Get up and get outdoors.

When we are having hard days with RJ in the house, we like to go for a walk. The fresh air acts as a natural energy and mood boost. It helps calm RJ down while also giving me a caffeine boost without the jitters, plus its good to break up the day.

Resist the couch and MOVE!

I know the last thing you want to hear when you're exhausted, but it helps. I like to think that a body that's always in rest, stays in rest. So if you're always resting, you stay tired. Lately, I don’t always have the energy for a full workout, so I’ll settle for a long walk with our pup, Buster or at the very least, stretches , anything to get blood flowing.

Don't overdo the caffeine.

On days where I’m struggling, I often want to reach for an extra cup of coffee or even a second energy drink. My thought process is the more caffeine the more energy I have. Wrong! In fact, all I feel is my anxiety creeping up on me. I’ll have an extra cup of coffee or make it a double. Anything more than that though and you’ll be left feeling jittery and anxious. Instead, reach for water and take the butt outside.

Go to bed early.

Pre-RJ I was a night owl, but nowadays I realize how imperative a good nice rest is. I also realized that I cant control the time RJ wakes up for the day (lately its been 7:25 weekdays AND weekends), so to help me I try and get to bed a little earlier and having a good nighttime routine helps, especially on days that I am dead. If I want to fall asleep and have a better nights rest, I turn the tv off, put my phone inside my night stand and read a book. It helps to unwind a bit.

Hope these tips help!

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