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How We Potty Trained in 3 Days

When I found out I was pregnant with Baby #2 I knew one must do on my list would include getting RJ potty trained because NOBODY has time for 2 diaper changes. I had heard about the 3 day Potty Training tactic and decided that I would try it close to his 2nd birthday. So here are some tips I learned about potty training, hopefully these help you :)


Make sure little one is ready

I knew RJ was ready because he would try and pull his diaper off when it was soiled. Also he constantly let me know when he was in the act or right when he finished. I have always been in the mind set if a baby can announce he's doing his business then he's probably ready.

Ditch the Diapers

When your child wakes up in the morning, change their diaper and let them know that today they will be potty training. I had RJ repeat "potty training" with me and then changed him into an oversized t-shirt with nothing underneath it. RJ was a bit uneasy about having no diaper but soon realized this was the method.

This method helps me to see when he's about to PP, spot his warning signs and allows him to feel the sensation of urine on his body. At one point I did put him in a Pull Up, but I soon realized that he was PP without me knowing and was not phased since it pretty much felt like a diaper.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Feed them every meal with a drink on the side. The first day RJ had water, milk, orange juice, Gatorade and capri suns. After each meal I sat him on the toilet and let him to know he should PP.

Create a Reward System

At the beginning we rewarded RJ for sitting on the potty, and then as the day progressed we begun to reward each time he successfully make it to the potty (and pee any amount from a drop to a bucket load). Rewards included praise, high 5's , hugs, a jelly bean and a sticker on the potty chart.

Accidents Happen

Speaking of accidents, I never made too much of a big deal out of it especially on the first day. I would quickly run and sit him on the toilet and say "PP in the Potty". I would also remind him throughout the day to "let mommy know if you have to potty"

Pick a weekend or week where you can Stay Home

I choose to start potty training during our most recent long weekend. Throughout the 3 days its highly encourage that you stay home with your kiddo. So to pass the time we played in the backyard, colored, watch YouTube, played with his dinosaurs, read books, did puzzles-- all bottomless. And of course, make sure to keep little one filled with liquids at all times.

Be Flexible

Day 2 fell on a Sunday, so I let him go out with his grandma, I was fearful that all of our hardwork would be undone, but it wasn't. She did not have him bottom less but she did put him on the potty every hour.

Grab some big boy or girls underwear

Since RJ did get out of the house on Day 2, I put him in a pair of underwear with a pull up on top. The idea was that he would still feel the PP on his skin since his underwear would get wet. This also helped since he wasn't home all day. By day 3 RJ was over not wearing bottoms. So we ran to Walmart and he got to pick out a pair of Cocomelon underwear. He was super excited about seeing his favorite characters. Walmart is definitely my go to for boys underwear as they are affordable and have a variety of popular children brands.

Establish a Routine

Now that we are passed the 3 days we still have to make a cognitive effort to potty train. We have RJ use the potty when he wakes up, before we leave the house, after a meal and when we come home. He also has gotten into the grove of letting us know he he has to potty. Because things are still pretty fresh we do usually strip him down to his underwear while home. This lets him be a little bit more entuned with his need to go.


In the end try not to stress too much! Your child will not be heading off to college in diapers!

Potty training can be extremely stressful for both parents and child. Try to curb the high expectations and strict timelines. Instead, use this as an opportunity for growth and quality time. And of course, have patience, remain positive and consistent, and overall have fun!


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