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I missed YOU!... life update

OMGGG it has been a minute! I took a little break , partly planned and partly unplanned. So I lets just dive into whats been going on!

Pre- Eclampsia

So I was having the smoothest pregnancy when all of a sudden--I wasn't. At 34 weeks and 3 days I went in for a routine doctor appointment and my blood pressure was up. After multiple reads, it was determined that I developed Pre-Eclampsia. This was completely devastating to me since I was planning to have a VBAC. However, knowing how crucial this diagnosis was I agreed with the doctor and ended up having a scheduled C- section.

Scheduled C Section

With RJ, I had somewhat of an "emergency C- Section". Things were not progressing and so I had to have a c section since my water was already broke. This time I got to ease into the C section. It was scheduled for two days after my Pre-Eclampsia diagnosis. I was given two days bed rest in the hospital due to having two steroid shots to help Quinn's lungs become fully developed since she was a bit early. My time in the hospital prior to giving birth gave me time to come to terms with my new birth plan, as well as put my own "Ebby lolo" touches on it. I created a playlist that included some Stevie Wonder since Quinn would be born on his birthday, and I also went into the OR room looking amazing lol. I had this thought that if I looked good, I would feel good despite so many unknowns. So the day of the C -section I woke up, showered, drew on some eyebrows using my LAMIK brow kit, hit my nose and cheek bones with some highlight and had my lips glossed up. Crazy? Probably.

Quinn Rae

Quinn was born at 8:05 AM on Friday, May 13th ( yup a friday the 13th baby) and weighed 4lbs 13 oz. I briefly saw her (she was gorgeous) and then she was wheeled to NICU where she stayed 19 days, primarily because of her need to learn how to eat from a bottle/gain weight (I will give a dedicated post to surviving NICU). She is currently about 10 lbs, full of giggles and smiles. She loves her brother, RJ. Currently not sleeping through the night, but we are getting close (hopefully). I am doing a mixture of breastfeeding and bottle feeding. I find feeding with the bottle helps me to ensure that shes full. Still trying to figure out who she looks like, but shes beautiful nonetheless.

Life with 2

Being a mom 2 is WILD, but it gets easier each week. The hardest was that adjustment period when Quinn was born but was still in the hospital. RJ was struggling with getting settled since every few hours we were going to the hospital to see Baby Quinn. Things are much better now. RJ has def grown so much in the last few months. Legit seems like an entire different baby boy. Hes a great help when he isn't adding to the chaos by crying. We have def hit that whining stage, but hes also a bit more reasonable. With two kids and two parents, our mindset is "divide and conquer" especially when it comes to bed time routines. Rich usually takes RJ and I have Quinn, we get them both ready for bed and then meet up once we get them down. Some days are easier than others but its one day at a time around here.

Blogging/ Content Creating

I AM BACK! I was in a haze during my 4th trimester. Between the 19 days in NICU, adjusting to life with 2, blogging/content creating was the last on my list, which was extremely sad because its truly therapy for me. But don't worry... I AM BACK with some great ideas/plans so stay tuned!

Thank you so much for being part of my community and I can't wait to share more with you all.

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