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Life Update: Toddler Life

Yall, can you believe its almost MAY? Like seriously, time has flow by. I have missed you all. If you haven't noticed, I took a hiatus for my blog for about 2 months. I have been really bad at batching out content and getting things done, but I am taking back my time management and here we are!


Seriously, nobody prepared me for this new life/ new baby. It seems just like yesterday that he was learning to roll over from his belly to back. Nowadays I met with attitude, belly felt laughter and tears, lots of tears. RJ officially began walking during his birthday month and has not slowed down at all. We have been doing swim class at EMLER SWIM SCHOOL since March and he absolutely loves it, full submersion and all.

Some of his favorite things:

  • Anything to do with Buster, our dog. Whenever RJ wakes up, his first words are "Bubba".

  • Bananas. He will try and eat 3-4 bananas a day.

  • daycare. He loves all of the activities, children, teachers and snacks at daycare.

  • Being Outside. He could spend the entire day outside, exploring all of the different textures of things.

  • dancing to literally ANY music that comes on. The funkier the better.

  • Water. He loves water so much when he's not at swim lessons, he's trying to swim in Busters water bowl.

He is becoming such an intelligent, outgoing and loving little human. And with that comes so many many tantrums, tears, and every bit of toddler feelings. I would be lying if I didn't say this mom life is hard because it probably is the hardest thing I have ever done. However, I am so so so grateful for grandparents, aunties and friends who have been there through it all.

So what's next for Mr. J?

  • First solo stay with grandparents in New Jersey

  • First international trip to Ghana


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