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Rodeo Roundup: Essential Tips for Taking Little Kids to the Rodeo

Rodeo is probably my favorite time of the year in Houston. I love everything about Rodeo season from western wear to the yummy carnival food and of course the livestock show and concerts. However, doing rodeo with your boo and girl friends is def much different than with kids. Don't fret. I got you sis! Here you will find a comprehensive rodeo with kids guide! I'll be sharing some of the best kept secrets about the rodeo and tips!

Let's jump into it.


One of the best parts about rodeo season, is dressing up in western wear. However, kids grow way to fast to spend real money on their outfits. My favorite place to grab cute and affordable cowgirl/cowboy pieces is def. Once Upon a Child. You can get solid items for a quarter of the price.


 There are two types of admission tickets one for carnival/fair grounds and then the rodeo/concert ticket. You need to pay to get on the rodeo grounds and will need tickets to play and ride the rides. With a carnival/fair ground ticket you can hit the carnival, do some shopping and see livestock. Purchase your tickets before you go so you all can avoid long lines. Kids 2 and under are Free; $10 for kids and $20 for adults. Click HERE to purchase tickets.


My kiddos are barely carnival age so we have yet to really experience this aspect of the rodeo. However, it is a major attraction. There are a few rides for 32" tall kids. Then a few more for 34" and up. If you and the family are going to do the carnival, I would suggest hitting the carnival as soon as it opened. You will need to purchase tickets to experience rides and play games. Tickets for rides range between $10-50 depending on how many tickets you need. They do sell fast pass that help you avoid long lines for rides and games. Plan your Carnival day HERE.


There is a diaper changing area near the reliant center ( where the shopping is). Outside the stadium as you are entering the concert, there is a little house with a changing table for babies. Inside there is also a toddler toilet, and sink. If you're with little ones try and use the restroom in the reliant center or stadium. No one likes using a porta potty with littles.


AgVenture is my specialty. You can catch me there at least once a week during rodeo. Its located in Hall A of NRG Center and here you'll learn all about Texas agriculture. Nearly every species of livestock can be found in this fun and educational area. This exhibit is included with NRG ground admissions. There is a birthing center in this area where on any given day you can be present for the birth of a calf, kid or piglet. There's also miniature livestock, rabbits, bees and more. Kids will love seeing and learning about the various animals and how they contribute to our great state.

Petting Zoo & Pony Rides

Located in the in Hall A of NRG center, this is RJ's favorite. Kids get a chance to be a cowboy by riding a pony and taking pictures. The cost for a pony ride is $10 with additional cost for professional pictures. The petting zoo has animals you do not typically find on a farm. The line gets long, so if interested head there before checking out other livestock.

The Junction

This is def. a must do at the rodeo with kids. The Junction has classic carnival rides, games and fun exhibits. Here you can catch pig racing, participate in mutton buston (ages 5-6) and see an extreme dog show. There is also a play farm that nearly every toddler is sure to have fun at.

Rodeo is so much fun as well as informative even if you're not attending a rodeo concert there is so much to do. I would def recommend bringing a stroller, some snacks, water and having a good time with the kiddos.

Let me know how you enjoy it!

Let's Rodeo Ya'll!


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