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Tips to Relax and Decompress on Election Day 2020

If you are like me, you have been looking forward to Election DAY 2020 for the last 4 years, but you find anxiety creeping up each hour as we draw closer to Nov. 3, 2020. Despite the rising anxiety, girl, put down that phone and turn off the TV ( I am talking to myself as well) and instead of watching every state be colored in or the votes be tallied, try one of these tips to help you relax and decompress on Election Day 2020:


Take a break from the screen and go for a walk, read a book or listen to a non political podcast.

Limit your time on the couch watching election coverage as well as social media time. You don’t have to be tuned-in all night (ahem ahem my husband). Know your limits and be aware of how your body reacts after too much election coverage. I will be having built in breaks that include a dog walk with RJ and Rich and baby bath time.


Stress Bake

I recently came across this website that shares homemade recipes to help alleviate stress. Bake one of the countless delicious treats, many of them look super doable, even for non bakers like myself. I plan on trying out this brookie.


Start Some Holiday Shopping

Its November , so holiday shopping is totally a thing. I will be checking out this sale at Madewell. I am dying to up my Quarantine sweater look this fall/winter. I also am looking to start decorating the house in effort to spread holiday cheer---in the mist of a pandemic, so I will also be shopping for holiday decor on Etsy.


Drink some tea and listen to the new Ariana Grande album, "Positions" .

Ariana is my girl and this album celebrates love , which we all need during times like this. Spend sometime zoning out, it'll make everything seem so much lighter.


Grab a couple of friends, hop on the HouseParty app and take a 10 minute karaoke break.

I miss the early Quarantine days of the Houseparty app, but I have a feeling the app could be making a comeback , especially with the threat of a Covid Surge. I love the app because it allows you to video chat with your friends, while also making new friends. Plus, the app has updated and allows you to do Karaoke, play rounds of Uno and even a game or two of Headsup.


2020 has been one wild roller coaster for us all, so I can't help but think that Election night won't let us down. So girl, no matter how you choose to spend this historic election night and despite any of the results, take care of you and your family.


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